Join us for our upcoming fundraiser on June 2!

Burrito Brigade is an all volunteer community group working to alleviate hunger in Oregon. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Since 2014, Burrito Brigade has provided thousands of nutritious vegan meals to hungry individuals in Eugene and Springfield. Relying on a network of volunteers, individual donors and nonprofit partners, Burrito Brigade targets our community’s two most food-insecure days: Saturday and Sunday. Our unique distribution model delivers a hot meal directly to the hungry via foot, bike and automobile.

Burrito Brigade volunteers gather on Sundays in the kitchen of First Christian Church in Eugene to prepare and assemble tasty vegan burritos. Weekly production has grown from 50 burritos in 2014 to nearly 600 today.

The success of those grassroots efforts has spawned Pita Brigade. Volunteers meet on Saturdays at Bethesda Lutheran Church to create more than 200 tasty vegan sloppy joes served in pita pockets.


There are lots of ways to help! You can come volunteer your time any  Saturday between 9.30am  – 2 pm or Sunday between 11am-3pm  or you can donate money or food. See the full list of things we need donated here.


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  1. Hey there my name is darlyne sproul and I am a participant in the lane county drug court program. I am currently in emergence group in my last group of MRT and I need to do volunteer hours and I’m interested in volunteering with you guys please give me a call @ 541-650-1293 thank you for your time or you can message me on Facebook as well


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